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Help this world grows!

You can help this project in different ways:

Be a developer: If you are a C++ programmer, you can help developing project itself. No speciall capability needed. Any programmer with any level of skill are welcome!

Construct robots: You can send your robots for us. Remember robots can be in almost any language. Thus any programmer can design one. Robots will be published in the future releases.

Write documnets: IWOR is a complicated project and need lot of well-writed documents. By writing documents and guides for IWOR, help others to use it better.

Translate documents: You can translate documents of the IWOR into your national language, to help others use this project more easily.

Web admin: This project need someone to manage its website. If you looking for some experience in web designing, this is a good place to start! No speciall capability needed except having some free time.

Be a good tester: Testing released versions, finding bugs and reporting them is a time-consuming process. That's why every open-source author agree that good beta-testers are worth their weight in rubies.

If you like this project and want to help it somehow, contact the administrator of the project by following email address:


Developers documents

There are a lot of documents about how to deal with the source available. You can get them along with the source code, even from project CVS or released packages. The code itself contain a lot of comments which make it easy to understand the code.