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Imperfect World Of Robots

IWOR is a programming game. It simulate a world in which robots controlled by programs can live in it, work, defend their tribe and even born new children!

Unlike other programming games IWOR is not just about game (competition between robots). Long term goal of this project is to simulate a world with its own rules for these robots where they can really live in it.

The greatest feature of IWOR among other projects is its ability to let robots cloning. Here some other features of this project:

GPLv3 Logo IWOR is a free software and distributed under the terms of GNU General Public Licence(GPL)

What is a programming game?

A programming game is a computer game where the player has no direct influence on the course of the game. Instead, a computer program or script is written in some programming language in order to control the actions of the characters (robots).

There's a difference between this project and other common programming games: In must of the programming games designed so far, it's not important how intelligence robots are. Winning or losing a game is depended on what strategy a certain robot uses. If condition changes, it will fail to win. In this imperfect world, must intelligence robot will live longer than the others, born more children and make a bigger generation.


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